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Instantly digitize napkin sketches into SolidWorks, break into parts, add movement, bring to life.

Yes! SOLIDNAPKIN 2019 is fully backwards compatible with previous versions of SolidWorks! (2016 and newer)

Features and Usage


--> Instant idea sketching. Sketch your ideas on any scrap of paper (or napkin), and instantly "digitize" them into SolidWorks with the mobile app (watch the video example here)


--> Streamline production. Work on the production floor? Now your mobile phone can instantly track production or quality issues, and send them back to the actual SolidWorks part for updating (watch the video example here)


--> Anywhere an idea strikes. Wherever you are (office, home, local pub...) SOLIDNAPKIN is always ready in your pocket to capture your ideas


--> Unlimited napkins. Save as many napkins as you have ideas inside the app. Easily swipe left and right to browse your saved napkins


<---Many different modes--->

     (Mode: Napkin to sketch)

Your napkin sketch is scaled is transferred instantly into SolidWorks: a new sketch is started on the face/plane you currently have selected, and the napkin is inserted ready to use


     (Mode: Napkin to part)

Your napkin sketch is scaled is transferred instantly into SolidWorks: a new sw part is created, opened, a sketch is created on the Top Plane, and the napkin is inserted ready to use


     (Mode: Napkin to virtual part)

Your napkin sketch is scaled and transferred instantly into SolidWorks: a new virtual component is created from the face/plane you currently have selected in the sw assembly, a new sketch is created within the virtual component, and the napkin is inserted ready to use (watch the video example here)


     (Mode: Napkin to drawing)

Your napkin sketch is transferred instantly into any SolidWorks drawing, use with DesignINK to turn your napkin sketch into a transparent overlay, or keep on the side to easily show redlines of the drawing


--> No napkin? No prob. The app has a built-in virtual napkin for you to use, sketch your ideas right inside the app using digital ink anytime, anywhere


--> Powerful (and proprietary) features only available in SOLIDNAPKIN 2019

     (NAPKINEMATICS™ -- watch here)


     (3D PAPER™)


     (NapkinCU3E™ -- watch here)


     (NEface™ -- watch here)



--> NAPKINEMATICS™. Instantly enhance any napkin sketch into a motion-ready part. Easily add Pins, Hinges and Sliders, to easily mate different napkin sketches together. Use with AssemblyNAPKIN™ for the most powerful way yet to add motion to your napkin idea (watch the example video here)


--> AssemblyNAPKIN™. Easily break apart a single napkin sketch into multiple parts, then embeds them as virtual parts inside a SolidWorks assembly. Automatically integrates with NAPKINEMATICS™ and Crop3D™ for one incredible experience


--> 1UP Idea Rev. Unlimited ideas at your fingertips. When you have a new idea for your napkin sketch, easily add them as a new 1UP Idea Rev. to create a new configuration and display state to hold your new idea. Powerful intelligence keeps existing Crop3D and NAPKINEMATICS mates so you can 1UP your napkin sketches without effecting the assembly mates (watch the video example here)


--> Crop3D™. Enhances your napkin sketches with real 3D extrudes, ready for mates, motion, and collision detection. As you crop your napkins, Crop3D automatically extrudes a 3D envelop around it as you go, includes Circle Crop (great for gears / wheels) as well as Freeform Crop (perfect for irregular shapes)


--> DesignINK™. Easily turn a simple napkin sketch into a stunning HD industrial design sketch. DesignINK™ automatically removes the background, smooths lines, adds transparency, and unifies the colors (like a real industrial designer sketched it)


--> 3D PAPER™. Print off a sheet of this special paper then use the different areas of the paper to draw your top, bottom, front views. SOLIDNAPKIN automtically turns one piece of paper into a 3-view SolidWorks part file


--> And much, much more!


Check out the Neat Tricks page for even more awesome features of SOLIDNAPKIN 2019

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